Ardent Rose Perfume Officially Launched

From left: Jennifer Abril, IFRA, Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty (CT), Bob Bedoukian, Bedoukian Research, Donna Ramanauskas, Robertet and Bonnie Watts, Robertet

Roses for Autism had a great launch event for their first ever non-perishable product, Ardent Rose. The perfume was initially inspired by the fresh, fragrant heirloom roses grown in their heated greenhouses located in Guilford, Connecticut. RFA, Bedoukian, Robertet and the International Fragrance Association North America (IFRA NA) are honored to have participated in the creation of Ardent Rose in which proceeds will be used to support RFA's mission; bringing awareness to autism, one rose petal at a time. To hear more about what inspired the creation of Ardent Rose and how it bloomed into a beautiful product with a great cause, please click here.

Cerezoate and Terrasol

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the April 2016 issue of Perfumer & Flavorist Magazine where Judith Michalski’s article on page 34 features not one, but two of Bedoukian’s featured flavor products. Cerezoate (BRI# 512) has a powerful, ethereal, natural black cherry odor with aspects of fresh apple and strawberry. It can also be used to enhance general fruity notes for other fruits like pineapple and tropical fruit flavors. Meanwhile, Terrasol (BRI# 818) has a powerful earthy, ambergris odor with a patchouli top note. With various applications, Terrasol is excellent for root vegetable flavors at higher levels, as well as adding naturalness to lime at lower levels. It can be used to enhance root beer, mushroom flavors, and adding earthy notes to characteristic pepper flavors. Request your sample today by emailing us or calling 1.203.830.4000.

Robert Bedoukian honored with the Eric Bruell Distinguished Service Award

Please join us as we congratulate Robert Bedoukian on being honored with the Eric Bruell Distinguished Service Award at the IFRANA Spring Dinner on May 14, 2015. This prestigious award was created by the IFRANA board of directors in 1991 to honor individuals in the fragrance industry who demonstrate a willingness to go well "above and beyond the call of duty". Over the past 4 decades, Dr. Bedoukian has worked tirelessly as a member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committees of both the International Fragrance Association, North America and the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials, in addition to his responsibilities as the President of Bedoukian Research. We are excited to share this moment with both Robert and the Bedoukian family.

Robert IFRA Bruell Award


Be sure to check out Judith Michalski’s article featuring Verbenone (BRI# 8020) on page 45 in the 2016 July issue of Perfumer & Flavorist Magazine! Verbenone is an exclusive Bedoukian material that can be used in various flavor and fragrance applications. It is a safranal type aroma that has a spicy, mint, camphor note with a hint of pine. In fragrances Verbenone conveys natural, resinous, fresh, herbal notes that blend well with a variety of citrus and herbaceous compositions. As for flavors, we recommend using Verbenone to impart spicy, woody, or dry notes that can be useful in cranberry or tea formulas. Request your sample today by emailing us or calling customer service at 1.203.830.4000. 


STEM education opens career doors for women

On October 7, 2015 IFRA North America (International Fragrance Association) hosted a panel of women in the science fields; STEM Makes Scents: The Women Behind the Science of Fragrance. The panel of women covered different areas from the Flavor and Fragrance industry anywhere from the President of Body Home Care Division at Firmenich to a perfumer from Takasago to our very own Kate Godlewska speaking about their experience as women working in the sciences and their journey through their education.  Click Here to read more about this event in an article featuring comments from Kate and others.


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